Rumah Publikasi
Himpunan Sarjana-Kesusastraan Indonesia


SUSASTRA: Jurnal Ilmu Susastra dan Budaya (2580-636X) is a journal aiming to publish articles about literature and culture. SUSASTRA: Jurnal Ilmu Susastra dan Budaya accepts articles from authors of national or international institutions, accepts submissions of original articles that have not been published elsewhere not being considered or processed for publication anywhere, and demonstrate no plagiarism whatsever. The prerequisites, standards, and format of the manuscript are listed in the author guidelines and templates. Any accepted manuscript will be reviewed by at least two referees. Authors are free of charge throughout the whole process, including article submission, review and editing process, and publication. Submissions are open year-around. Articles published in SUSASTRA: Jurnal Ilmu Susastra dan Budaya must be a requirement determined by the Editoria Board. Editorial the board has the right to change editorials and systematics without changing the substance of the recording from the author.


Prosiding Seminar Nasional dan Internasional HISKI merupakan wadah publikasi hasil Seminar Nasional dan Internasional bidang kesusastraan yang dilaksanakan oleh Himpunan Sarjana-Kesusastraan Indonesia (HISKI)