Human Value and Peace Through Literature

This article aims to describe the results of Pappaseng as a reflection of the Customs & Culture of the Bugis Community. The type of writing is qualitative with descriptive data presentation. Data were analyzed through the stages of identifying and understanding the pappaseng text, deciphering the meaning of the pappaseng text, and analyzing the meaning of the pappaseng text. The data source in this paper is a lontaraq manuscript which has been translated into Indonesian, namely a book written by Mattalitti with the title “Pappaseng To Riolo” which consists of 174 pages published by the Indonesian and Regional Jakarta Literature Book Research Project in 1986. Data in the text these are words, phrases, clauses and sentences. The results of the article show that pappaseng is a reflection of the customs and culture of the Bugis community which are expressed in the following forms of behavior: 1) Hard work attitude 2) Responsibility (leaders who bring good to their country 3) Tough attitude 4) Respect and support each other in goodness 5) Diligent and diligent.